Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday! Bulletin Board Garland!

Hi y'all!  ia m linking up with First Grade Parade for another Throwback Thursday!!  This post is from a year ago when I was making my switch from Kindergarten to First Grade.  I moved to the classroom across the hall and had a lot of sorting and setting up to do!
This year should be a lot less work!  I found out that I can get into my classroom in about 10 days.  That will work out great as my family will be busy with my the fair next week.  My son will be showing a dairy feeder calf for the first time.  We are all very excited for him!!
Below, check out what I use for my bulletin board boarders.  Except for the bottom portion, it held up really well this past year.  I will only have to replace the bottom!

Day 1 was a success in my classroom! I always wish that I could have gotten more accomplished. However, I am happy with today's work!

Here are a few pictures of what it looked like when I got there. I did get a few things moved before taking the pictures though.

I took care of the open shelves quickly. I do this every year and it makes such a difference! I also worked on the bulletin boards. I ran out of the garland and will need to finish it up next time.

I am lovin' the garland!

This is what my old bulletin board box looked like. Pathetic, I know!

After some sorting and purging, here is what I now have!

Here are a few pictures of my room when I left. I won't be able to go back for a few weeks now. I brought home some curriculum items to go through and will work with that and what I have been pinning on Pinterest as well as my Tpt Wishlist!

Student tables and chairs should be in place when I return.
Of course, I still have my work cut out for me! The next job will be reorganizing the books for our Classroom Library. I have some ideas for it and am excited for when it is complete.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vocabulary Instruction with Text to Talk

I am linking up with Castle and Crayons with my recent post on comprehension!

I was excited to see the linky over at Literacy Spark on vocabulary instruction!  I was already planning on sharing about vocabulary for my next post!

Last year we began using Scholastic's Text Talk: Robust Vocabulary Instruction.  We had to share the kits with other classrooms last year as we launched the program.  However, yesterday at a meeting, I got my own set for my room.  I brought it home to do some prep work and review it before we begin again this fall.

This kit includes two copies of all of the picture books needed to implement the program!  Each book covers six vocabulary words to study with your students.

 The teachers guide includes lessons for each day to review each of the six vocabulary words.  The kids really enjoy doing this and it is great to see them applying this new vocabulary in their discussions and writing!

For each book, there is a pad of post its with discussion questions as you read the book to the children.  These are great for making connections!  We took these, but cut them down and glued them into a teacher copy of each book.  It is super handy to have it there and ready to go!  Since I just got my own copy for our classroom, this is what I will need to work on this summer.
Again, these post its will be cut down in size.

A fun poster is included.  Last year, we tallied each time we used one of the words to see which word we used the most.

This photo is of a pocket chart that can hold the books for students to refer to.  (Please excuse my foot:)

Here are the books that are included in the Level B kit.

Finally, there is also an implantation DVD included.  I have not watched this yet. 

Using a binder, we set aside a portion of it to hold vocabulary sheets that I purchased from Kim Adist's Literacy Vocabulary PackYou can check out her vocabulary words recording sheet in her preview of this awesome pack!  My kids loved filling these pages out last year.
That is all I have for now.  I am off to check out who else has linked up and what they have to say about their vocabulary instruction!

Throwback Thursday!

I am linking up for another

Here is a post from when I still taught Kindergarten.  These were some of the back to school activities we participated in!

We are currently having our Color Fun Days!  We are using many acitivities from the Color Day Fun unit I got from Made For 1st.  This simple idea is one that I came up with.  I have been having them cut out a simple shape related to that color and then placing cut-up letters in order to spell that color word onto the shape.  Orange pumpking, red apple, pink heart, etc.

We also began stations this week.  I am very proud of how well they did!  My main goal was to have them go to their station  with their partner, follow the given instructions and stay there!  So, this week, we made the tasks pretty simple!  Here is what we were up to!
*Not pictured

Listening Station:

ABC Puzzle Station:

ABC Station:  sorting letters
**Camera died...will try and post later!

Counting Station:  They placed the numbers in order to create a picture.

Creation Station:  They made lions for our Letter Ll study!  I cannot remember the site I found this from many years ago!  If you might know, please let me know so that I can give proper credit.

Playdough Station with numbers:
I got these mats a few years ago from ChildcarelandYou can also get them from  Both sites also have these mats for the alphabet!
This was a whole group activity from this week as studied letter L!
Licorice Letters:

Oh!  One more station to share!

Write Around the Room Station:
I found the shelf at a garage sale for $2 over the summer.  It is working out great to hold our supplies for Write Around the Room.  It will also hold more purpose as the year progresses.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Comprehension Toolkit

Good evening friends!  Here in southern Michigan it has been raining EVERYDAY!  It has put the brakes on our daily splash in the pool!
This afternoon I met with some friends at school to discuss our launching of the Comprehension Toolkit in the fall.
Here are some snapshots of the contents:

Each comprehension strategy has a book with the lessons. 

The toolkit uses National Geographic-Young Explorers and Time for Kids to teach the strategies.

We will begin the year with introducing these strategies using the awesome lessons by Tanny McGregor.  I am really looking forward to sharing these lessons with my first graders!
I love how concrete Tanny makes teaching such abstract concepts!  For an example, check out how Abby used one of Tanny's lessons!

While at school I, of course stopped by my classroom in hopes of dropping off some goodies and bringing home some more things to work on.  However, this is what I found on my door.

I knew that this may be the case.  The wait will be worth it as our rooms always look great in the fall!  Our custodian is awesome and I really appreciate all that she does for us!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Made It Monday!

It was ANOTHER rainy day here.  So, we went to Michael's to check out their sales.  We did well!   I will save that for another post!  We then came home and got busy with some activities that I had pinned awhile back.  So, I am linking up with
how to make bouncing balls
Ours did not come out as nice as hers, but we still had fun!
Finally, we completed a simple, but cool Dot Art painting project with paint, Q tips, and black paper.  I pinned the idea from Tonya's Treats for Teachers. They were please with their results!

So, there you have it!  Be sure to link up with Tara and share what you made!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Back from Vacation and A Winner!

Well, I have been MIA as we enjoyed another camping trip with friends for the 4th of July!
My Target gift card winner is: 
Congrats, Janine!  Your gift card is on its way!
I have more to share and will post again soon!  I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July!