Thursday, July 10, 2014

Enjoying Summer!

Here in Michigan we had MANY makeup days due to our harsh winter months.  We did not finish the school year until June 19th.  Of course, days later I was on my way to the New Orleans SDE Conference.  
Now, I have been enjoying the slower days of summer with my kiddos.  We were introduced to geocaching and are having a blast with it!  Who knew that there were so many around us!

The geocaching app has made it so nice for us!

My kiddos have also enjoyed all of the activities at our local community library.

Camping with friends has also been a huge highlight for us!

Today the kiddos and I went to the zoo.  

I have been loving all of the Vegas pics that I have seen all over blogland!  Keep them coming!  Maybe next year?!

Monday, June 30, 2014

New Orleans Conference

I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Reading, writing, Math, and More conference in New Orleans!  I also was able to meet Dr. Jean and Deanna Jump!  Their sessions were wonderful and it was such an honor to meet them!

SDE's Read, Write, Math & More! Conference

Brod Bagert was also there!  He is such an amazing author!  

My colleagues and I had an awesome time!  Maybe next year we will make it to Vegas!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Plants and Garden Gloves!


We are having so much fun with our plant unit!  We planted seeds in our own garden gloves!  The kids have had a blast observing the growth of their plants everyday!


Our sprouts are now ready to be sent home to be planted in soil!

We also learned about the parts of the plant and their functions.  As a class we used our paper hands to create a great mural.

Then, we made our own posters.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Stephanie Harvey, Heidisongs, and More!

I had the privelage of spending the day with Stephanie Harvey as she presented on Inquiry groups and other way to incorporate collaborative learning in the classroom!  What a fabulous day!

Here are some of our math centers and an Easter craftivity from Babbling Abby!

More math...

Froggy love from Top Dog Teaching.

We also Skyped with Heidi!  What a wonderful experience!  She does such a wonderful job with the kids!

Pesky Leprechauns, Author Visit, and Math Centers!

Has it really been that ling!!  I see that I had this post all ready and never published, yikes!  This post if full of randomness!  We have had a lot of fun so far this month with Reading Month and St. Patrick's Day!
This week we were very excited to have Michigan author, Jonathan Rand!  He was awesome and had such a great message to our students!

Here is a peak at our current math centers.  We are working on place value and adding and subtracting 2 using these awesome slider from       tpt store! 

We also just started using Moby Max.  Do you use it at your school?  The kids love it and am I excited to see their progress from now until the end of the year...which is currently June 20th with all of our snow day make ups!

On St. Patrick's Day we had a lot of fun with those pesky leprechauns!  They left footprints on our tables and made a mess!

He sent us on a hunt too!

Making 10 freebie from

Reading in our jammies with laser lights!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

100th Day and Rainbows!

We had a great time today FINALLY celebrating our 100th Day of School!  We finally reach this milestone, and they are talking major snow tonight and tomorrow!  Yikes!  
I just love, love these hats!  They attached 10 strips and then placed 10 stickers on each to create their 100's day hat.

We used Darlin Little Learners' The Case of the 100th Day Bottle Mystery for our 100's day project.  The kids loved making predictions and giving clues!  

We are wishing for spring!  We are hoping that our rainbows will help!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Word Surgery with Contractions!

We had 2nd annual word surgery event with contractions!  Next week will be compound words!  I got the idea and
 free printables fromFirst Grade Wow!