Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

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Here is a post from when I still taught Kindergarten.  These were some of the back to school activities we participated in!

We are currently having our Color Fun Days!  We are using many acitivities from the Color Day Fun unit I got from Made For 1st.  This simple idea is one that I came up with.  I have been having them cut out a simple shape related to that color and then placing cut-up letters in order to spell that color word onto the shape.  Orange pumpking, red apple, pink heart, etc.

We also began stations this week.  I am very proud of how well they did!  My main goal was to have them go to their station  with their partner, follow the given instructions and stay there!  So, this week, we made the tasks pretty simple!  Here is what we were up to!
*Not pictured

Listening Station:

ABC Puzzle Station:

ABC Station:  sorting letters
**Camera died...will try and post later!

Counting Station:  They placed the numbers in order to create a picture.

Creation Station:  They made lions for our Letter Ll study!  I cannot remember the site I found this from many years ago!  If you might know, please let me know so that I can give proper credit.

Playdough Station with numbers:
I got these mats a few years ago from ChildcarelandYou can also get them from  Both sites also have these mats for the alphabet!
This was a whole group activity from this week as studied letter L!
Licorice Letters:

Oh!  One more station to share!

Write Around the Room Station:
I found the shelf at a garage sale for $2 over the summer.  It is working out great to hold our supplies for Write Around the Room.  It will also hold more purpose as the year progresses.