Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday! Bulletin Board Garland!

Hi y'all!  ia m linking up with First Grade Parade for another Throwback Thursday!!  This post is from a year ago when I was making my switch from Kindergarten to First Grade.  I moved to the classroom across the hall and had a lot of sorting and setting up to do!
This year should be a lot less work!  I found out that I can get into my classroom in about 10 days.  That will work out great as my family will be busy with my the fair next week.  My son will be showing a dairy feeder calf for the first time.  We are all very excited for him!!
Below, check out what I use for my bulletin board boarders.  Except for the bottom portion, it held up really well this past year.  I will only have to replace the bottom!

Day 1 was a success in my classroom! I always wish that I could have gotten more accomplished. However, I am happy with today's work!

Here are a few pictures of what it looked like when I got there. I did get a few things moved before taking the pictures though.

I took care of the open shelves quickly. I do this every year and it makes such a difference! I also worked on the bulletin boards. I ran out of the garland and will need to finish it up next time.

I am lovin' the garland!

This is what my old bulletin board box looked like. Pathetic, I know!

After some sorting and purging, here is what I now have!

Here are a few pictures of my room when I left. I won't be able to go back for a few weeks now. I brought home some curriculum items to go through and will work with that and what I have been pinning on Pinterest as well as my Tpt Wishlist!

Student tables and chairs should be in place when I return.
Of course, I still have my work cut out for me! The next job will be reorganizing the books for our Classroom Library. I have some ideas for it and am excited for when it is complete.

Happy Friday!