Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Challenge for My Kids!

Ok, so I was surfing ALL of the wonderful blogs that I love and came across one with an answer to a question I was pondering for my own kids this summer.  I have been wanting to up my expectations of my two this summer with repsonsibilities around the house as well as keeping up with some academic review and of course reading! 
I stumbled upon this post at 1+1+1=1.  She had a summer challenge for her son and it looks wonderful!  Certain tasks earns a certain amount of points.  Once 25 points are earned he gets to use his points to get a certain prize.  I like how she said that it is a way to show her child how we can work hard to earn something we would like to have or do.  Check out her site for her details!  Here are the details of our own Summer Challenge!  Below you will also see a picture of their tubs that we are stocking for their challenge.  The green bag is from our local library's summer reading program.  We have incorporated that into the challenge as well.  My poor kids still have two more days of school left!  However, they are excited about their Summer Challenge!  You will also see how they can combine their points to do something bigger together!
What are your thoughts?!  Any additionally ideas or experiences?
Please leave comment and share!

Summer Challenge
Here's how you can earn points:
For every 15 minutes you read, you get 2 points.
You must record your reading on the library form. 

Review Pages
For each review worksheet you complete you will get 1 point
For each complete story you write you get 10 points.
Bible Each Bible story you read and discuss with me you will earn 3 points.Mad Libs
For each Mad Lib you complete and read to two people, you get  2 points.
Letter Writing
You get 2 points for every letter you write to family.
1 point every time you make your bed nicely.
2 points when you clean the playroom entirely by YOURSELF.
2 points when you take care of your laundry/fold towels.
Each time you go through your flashcards you get 2 points.
Repeated Reading
Each time you do a repeated reading from your reading fluency booklet 5 times you get 2 points.

Summer Challenge Prizes

When you earn 25 points you can:
*Have ice cream for dinner

*Watch a movie of your choice in your bedroom with popcorn.

*Have $___

*Choose a toy from the bin

When you both earn 25 points and combine them for 50 points, we can:

*Go to Chuckie Cheeses

*Go to the zoo

*Go to Playland

*Go to Sauders Village

*Go to a movie