Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have you Filled a Bucket Today Linky Party!

Mrs. Magee is having a great Linky Party at her blog, First Grade Brain.  I think this is a great idea!  Be sure to check out all the great ideas and resources that are coming through on her blog!

                          "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" Hard cover               "Fill a Bucket" Soft cover
In addition to this book, there is another one geared for small children.  This really helps with my kinders and I read both of them.  This book also has a very simple song in the back to teach the children.

Our school has used the bucketfiller system for two years now.  We had the author come to our school and present to the kids and it was great!   All staff members have the t-shirt to wear on designated days.  In my classroom I use the idea from Beth Newingham's Blog.  She uses the shoe storage pockets and places a bucket in each pocket for each child.  Then, craft pom poms are used to fill the buckets as a visual.  She has many great photos to show how she uses them.  Due to being out of the classroom and everything is packed away, I do not have my own photos to share at this time.  She also has some printables.
As a school any staff member can turn in a slip to the office announcing a student showing bucketfilling behavior.  This is announced during am announcements.  Then, their name is placed on a die cut bucket to be hung in the hallway.  Also, these slips can be placed in a classroom bucket.  Each Friday, the teacher draws a name and sends to the office.  This one person is announced for each class and gets to choose a friend to sit with them at the Bucketfiller lunch table in the cafeteria.  The table has a bright green tablecloth with a bucketfiller centerpiece.  The bucketfiller gets a bucketfiller pencil and they and their friend get a special treat like an ice cream sandwich with their lunch.  THEY LOVE THIS!
This Linky Party is just wonderful.  I know I will have even more ideas to take to my school in the fall!