Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday School

I like to occassionally share the things that we are doing in Sunday School at my small church. I am the direct and teach the 1st and 2nd graders.  I also bring all of the children together on certain occassions to do whole group activities.
Here are some things that we have done recently.

We had recently studied about Noah's Ark.  We learned about the significance of the rainbow.  We also used an idea from Oriental Trading to make these fun hats.  I have posted about Rainbow Hair in the past.  I used this idea in Sunday School using the theme of "Follow and obey God's Way.
Last week we completed this fall project.  We used torn paper to create the trees.  The bottom portion says:  Fall down on your knees and pray.  God will never leave you. 
 I also did this project with my kindergarteners using a short fall poem where they were able to fill in the sight word "the."  I had these on display for conferences.
Finally, I wanted to share about our participation in Operation Christmas Child.  Individual people/families can fill their own shoeboxes and bring them to church.  A church member then delivers them to a "drop off" location.  They are then shipped to children all over the world that are in need.  Another way we do this is by collecting different items each month.  We begin in July (Christmas in July).  Then, in November (today for us) I have the Sunday School kids 1st grade and up, Catechism kids and the youth help assemble and pack the boxes.  Lifeway Christian Book Store had boxes for free that we could assemble and they worked great!  We also use regular shoeboxes that are wrapped in wrapping paper and the plastic shoeboxes.  Today we packed 36 boxes!  For our small church, we were proud!



I absolutely love the trees... how awesome! I think God has a special place in his heart for small churches!


Great ideas! I teach first graders and I know how hard it is to come up with educational and easy crafts for the kids to do. Thank you for sharing! :)


This is a right approach to teach kids to keep God in the heats!!
The tres are just amazing!!!!

Annie Moffatt

Holly, I just love this post and the fact that you filled all of those shoe boxes!! Yay! That really blessed my heart!