Saturday, October 1, 2011

Letter F and More Stations

It was another great week!  We studied letter F.  Our theme was the Rainbow Fish.  Here are a few things we did:

This was done in the Creation Station.  The song that goes with it and is glued to the back is:
It's a Fish!
(tune:  "Six Little Ducks")
What has fins and a swishy tail?
What has gills and is covered with scales?
What swims and glides aournd in the sea?
I know the answer-it's a fish, you see!
Fish, you see!  Fish, you see!
I know the answer-it's a fish, you see!
**Source:  Early Learning with Puppets, Props, Poems & Songs
by Scholastic

Fruit Loop Necklaces!

Paper Plate Rainbow Fish-I found this idea on Pinterest, which was from Pinterest.  The site it is from is The Weekly Hive.

Here were some of our stations this week:

Write Around the Room-They had to find and write the color words.  This sheet was found from Maggie's Kinder Corner

Counting Station-We are blessed with a WONDERFUL Resource Room with many awesome products from Lakeshore Learning. We used the Frogs, Fish and Flower counting boxes for letter F!

ABC Station:  They had to place the letter into the Leapfrog Fridge Phonics and then match it onto the ABC chart.

Pocket Chart Station:
They are to place the word cards in order to build the sentences that match their current Sight Word Reader, My Bear.  They also match the picture to the sentence.  Below is a picture of the readers we use.  There is a book with the black and white version of the books so that copies can be made for each child.

                                                       Sight Word Readers Box Set
Sequencing Puzzles:
Next week is Letter P!  Pumpkins and Pancakes!