Friday, July 27, 2012

Today's Success!

Day 1 was a success in my classroom!  I always wish that I could have gotten more accomplished.  However, I am happy with today's work!

Here are a few pictures of what it looked like when I got there.  I did get a few things moved before taking the pictures though.

I took care of the open shelves quickly.  I do this every year and it makes such a difference!  I also worked on the bulletin boards.  I ran out of the garland and will need to finish it up next time.

I am lovin' the garland!

This is what my old bulletin board box looked like.  Pathetic, I know!

After some sorting and purging, here is what I now have!

Here are a few pictures of my room when I left.  I won't be able to go back for a few weeks now.  I brought home some curriculum items to go through and will work with that and what I have been pinning on Pinterest as well as my Tpt Wishlist!

Student tables and chairs should be in place when I return.
 Of course, I still have my work cut out for me!  The next job will be reorganizing the books for our Classroom Library.  I have some ideas for it and am excited for when it is complete.

Happy Friday!


Jennifer Tilton

You room is looking great! I like the colors you are using!


Okay...I have a question for you! I noticed the giant leaf, from Ikea, right? I plan to go back to Ikea when I visit my brother the second week of August, and I want to get 2 or 3 for my classroom. Do you mind if I ask you how you use yours, and what did you 'affix' it to?



Thanks ladies for the nice comments! Liesl, I will also email you this same information. I actually got my leaf a few years back from a school supply company. It was a lot more expensive than what I hear IKEA's price is!
I believe that it may have come with a bracket of some sort. However, I originally had this in my Kindergarten loft. A hole was made to simply put the pole into. I am still debating where/how I will use the leaf in my 1st grade room. I am hoping it will go into my Classroom Library.


This makes me so happy...brings back fun memories! Wishing you a wonderful new school year!