Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dinosaurs and Few More Letter N Activities

Well, today was our first day back and my kiddos have done a wonderful job!  We accomplished a lot!  First off, the excitement began when they walked in and saw this!
I purchased Deanna Jump's Dinosaur Unit and am so excited to put it to use this week and the next!  We began our inferring of what was inside the egg!  Here are some initial inferences:

We then discussed the egg's appearance.  This helped us to make some more inferences.  Then, using Deanna's unit as a guide, I gave them clues and we continued to infer what may be inside!
Below is the chart I used filled out.  I was NOT blessed with nice handwriting, so please bare with me!

After all of these clues, the students made their own inferences again:

When they returned from lunch, this is what they found!  I need to find a more realistic dinosaur to use!  This was borrowed from my son.

Students then completed their papers with what was REALLY inside!  We discussed who inferred correctly.  I cannot wait to continue our dinosaur activities tomorrow!

Here are few Name activities we completed as we wrap letter N!
Sorry for the bare pages.  I am leaving the names off for privacy reasons.
Students cut out the names and placed them according to fewer, same or more letters then their own name.
With a partner, students decided if they both had each letter in their name, only one of them or neither of them.  They had fun stamping the letters on their sheet!


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The dinosaur egg idea is so cute! My kids would love that. Thank you for sharing.



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