Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LONG Post-Valentine's Day, Groundhogs Day, and Winter!

Ok, this will be a long post!  I have so much to post for our happenings for the last week or so!  We have busy and I do not see it getting quieter anytime soon with Valentine's Day, 100th Day, President's Day and Dental Health Month!!  Whew!
So, anyways, first off, here is a glance at some of our current Stations!
This first photo is of our current pocket chart station.  It is from Deanna Jump's Valentine Unit!  I just love her units!

This is a puzzle station:

For write around the room, we are going a Heart Hunt!  I have had this for awhile and cannot remember where I got it from.  If you know, please leave me a comment so that I give proper credit!  The sheet indicates where to find the hearts.  The hearts have CVC pictures on them.  They then write the CVC word on the sheet.

Groundhog's Day!  I got some awesome freebies from First Grade Blue Skies!  The prediction sheet and headbands were a big hit!  We completed most of the sheet the day before.  
First we completed a class graph using the an awesome freebie!  I almost did not want to post this because I cannot locate where the graph pictures are from.  Can anyone help me out?
Only one student and I predicted that the groundhog with see his shadow.  Everyone else thought he wouldn't.  I guess they are all looking forward to spring!  They then used the information to complete the prediction sheet.  We had too many Spring choices, so we filled it to the top at 12.
I used the same headband groundhog for the top of our graph, but the picture did not come out that nice.  Here is the bottom:

We attached the groundhog prediction sheet to our heart shaped groundhogs that we made.  The idea came from an old Mailbox magazine.

Here is A Snowy Day writing project that we did.  I placed their faces on each one and they came out so cute!
We also completed this winter weather writing/craft from A Cupcake for the Teacher:

Some other valentine activities that we completed this week include:
I purchased this from First Grade Blue Skies!  They came out so cute!

Valentine Patterns



I love your CVC activity!

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What cute and fun activities! I love them all!

I just found your blog and am your newest follower! I would love for you to come visit me if you get the chance!

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Hi always learning,
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Thanks for your nice comments! I love Valentine's Day!


Heather, I love your blog and am a follower! Thanks for all that you share!