Monday, July 4, 2011

Target JACKPOT....250 Miles Away!

My family and I traveled to Chicago this past weekend to visit my husband's sister and family!  We always enjoy this trip and the big city...although we always are happy to return to our farm in Michigan. 

Anyways, each summer I am disappointed that our Targets back at home do not have all of the teacher finds that you all are always posting about!  I usually am able to get to the Target near my family in Chicago!  This year was an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS!  Check out my finds!  Above you can see the stickers, birthday certificates, paper.  I also found some cute pencils for the first day of school...more to come on my plans for Open House and the first day of school....

Cute name plates for the fall (first name only), more for later to put first and last name, and then a set for the name bags I make for each student each fall.  I will have a post for Name Bags in August when I am putting them together and can share some photos.  I also found some matching name tags for the first day of school.

Here you will see some of the craft supplies I picked up:  Glitter pom poms, pipe cleaners and jewels.

Cute signs for line up time.

A few new pointers to add to our collection.

Mini dry erase markers and write and wipe stips.  These will work great in my Literacy Work Stations!

I found some Dr. Seuss pencils and stickers for his birthday in March. They also had some cute Dr. Seuss silly bandz, but our school does not allow silly bandz.

I also grabbed these cute ABC stamps and small stamp pads for Literacy Stations.  Fran over at Kindergarten Crayons  posted about these stamps and even offered some freebie activities to go with them!  Check it out!

They had a Dollar Tree too that is usually better then the ones around me.  We didn't have time to make the trip so I am hoping to find some good finds back at home....we shall see!

Be sure to check out  the Classroom Shopping Linky Party taking place at  Ladybug's Teacher Files  and see what everyone else is finding!  You will also see that I have a few other shopping/garage sale posts from earlier.  Enjoy your shopping!  I may need to put the brakes on this shopping spree soon!

A few pictures from our Chicago trip...
We visited the Shedd Aquarium, the beach, Volo Car Museum and a few nice restaruants.  At the Shedd Aquarium, we really enjoyed the Aquatic Show and the Beluga whales.  My pictures from this visit were not that great.

My son has LOVED Herbie the Love Bug for a few years now and even had it as his theme for his 7th birthday.  I had been searching for a car museum that may be nearby a place that we would travel to at some point soon.  Since we visit Chicago each summer I thought I would try that avenue.  About an hour away I found the Volo Car Museum.  We saw many Star Cars and two (and a half) Hebies!  Remember the movie that Herbie was cut in half?  That was pretty cool to see and my son was in awe to finally see the actual Herbie!

Have a great 4th!


Busy Bees

Just found your blog and became a follower. It looks like you found some great things at your Target. I was at ours on Sunday and found nothing!! I was shocked!!!